Boyhood and  Tall Tales

                                                          Activity 1

David Crockett was born in a log cabin.

1. Make a model of a log cabin.
2. List ways a log cabin is different from your house.
3. What would you miss most if you had to move to a log cabin?
4. Find the log cabin that is different.

                                                        Activity 2

When David was twelve years old, his father hired him to help a man who was driving a wagon to a
many miles away.

1. How do you think David felt when he left and did not know when he would come back.
2. Write a letter to a friend telling about a trip you took.
     [This could be a long trip or a trip to an amusement park or mall.]
        Where did you go? Who was with you? What did you see and do?

                                                          Activity 3

David Crockett could not write his name until he was a grown man.

1. Why did he not go to school?.
2. He knew he needed to know how to read and write. How did he learn to read and write?

            Activity 4

David Crockett fed his family by hunting bears. He took his hunting dogs with him.

1. Write a story in which the bear gets away. What does Crockett bring home to eat?
2, Read a book about a dog.
        If it is fiction, describe the dog and tell one thing that happened to it.
        If it is nonfiction, describe your favorite breed of dog.

Activity 5

David Crockett loved to tell tall tales.
1. How can you tell that tall tales are not true?
2. Find a tall tale about  Paul Bunyan, John Henry, or Mike Fink and share it with your friends.