Activity 1

Crockett was a great bear hunter. One year he killed enough bears to feed his family for a year,
as well as the family of the man who helped him prepare the meat.

1. Write a play based on one of Crockett's bear hunts.
2. Tell about bear hunting from the point of view of the man who helped him skin the bears and
 carry the meat and fur home.
3. List things setters made from the skins of bear and deer.

 Activity 2

On day Crockett's dogs were following a bear, but every time he got to the tree where they were
barking, there was no bear in it. After this happened several times, he was angry. "They were barking up
the wrong tree," he said. Then they started barking again. In the tree was the biggest bear David had
ever seen. It weighed 600 pounds! His first shot knocked the bear out of the tree. It started toward him.
"I backed up in a hurry so he wouldn't hug me too close!" Crockett fired again, and the 600-pound
bear fell dead. His family would have plenty to eat.

Tell this story in pictures, using speech balloons for what is said.                                  

                                                                 Activity 3
Crockett was known for telling funny stories, many of them about himself.

1. Explain how the stories helped him get elected to office.
2. His most famous saying was “Be always sure you are right, then GO AHEAD!”
      What does that saying mean?
      How did it affect Crockett’s life?
3. Write a paragraph about David Crockett and give at least three reasons why people liked him.

                                                                 Activity 4

David Crockett loved to tell tall tales.
1. How can you tell that tall tales are not true?
2. Search the library or Internet for at least five tall tale characters like Paul Bunyan.
      Make an illustrated puzzle with tall tale characters.
           The first column is the name of the character.
           The second column is something used by the character.
           Readers solve the puzzle by drawing lines between the character and the object.
                [Hint: The object for Paul Bunyan would be an ax.]   

Activity 5

Before he died, Crockett published two almanacs with his sayings.

1. Explain how farmers used almanacs
2. Benjamin Banneker also produced almanacs. Find information about Banneker,
    Write an imaginary conversation between him and Crockett.
3. Although these two men lived at different times and in different parts of the country, with which famous
 American city were both connected?
Bear Hunter and Story Teller