Activity 1

Crockett was elected to the legislature in Tennessee and then to the U.S. Congress.

1. Pair off with a friend. Each of you will write a paragraph about what you want to be when you
grow up.
What are some good things about the job you chose? What are some bad things?
What do you need to learn to be able to do that job?       
2. Read your paragraphs to each other. What important details about your friend's job can you recall?

Activity 2
David Crockett was a poor man all his life. When he got elected to the U.S. Congress, he tried to get a
Homestead Law passed. That did not happen while he was there.

1. Read about the Homestead Law and describe how it helped poor people.
2. Explain how the Homestead Law helped settle our country.

Activity 3

While Crockett was in Washington, he had his portrait painted by artist John Chapman.

Does this portrait look like you expected it to? Why or why not? .

Activity 4

When Crockett saw his portrait, he said that he looked like a cross between a Congressman and
a Methodist preacher. He told Chapman that the artist needed to paint him in his hunting outfit. The
artist was glad for the chance to do that.  

1. One is these pictures is a copy of the Chapman painting. The other is a copy of the poster
for a play based on Crockett's adventures.
 Compare and contrast these two images.  
2. Which portrait looks more like the image of Crockett in your mind.  

Activity 5

While Crockett was in Congress, someone wrote a biography of him, but Crockett thought it had too
many mistakes. He had a friend help him write his autobiography, called
Narrative of the Life of
David Crockett of the State of Tennessee

1. Explain the difference between a biography and an autobiography.
2. Why would Crockett need help in writing the autobiography?
3. Write the story of your life, using funny and exciting incidents like Crockett did.

                                                     Activity 6

Crockett left Congress to go to Texas. On the way , he needed money and sold his watch to a man for
$30. Later the man sent the watch back to Crockett’s wife Elizabeth.

Pretend that you are that man with Crockett's watch. Write a letter to Elizabeth Crockett and tell her
why you are returning the watch.