Creative Activities
                                                      Activity 1

Jane Long was born in Maryland but joined her sister in Mississippi after her father died. Her family was
well-to-do. Jane married a dashing officer named James Long before she was twenty.

1. Jane traveled with trunks. What do you think she had in the trunks?
2. Make a list of things you would take if you moved.

                                                     Activity 2

In 1820 Jane came to Texas with her husband who blieved that Texas should belong to the United States,
not Spain. Americans were not allowed to be in Texas, Long and the soldiers he commanded built a mud fort
on Bolivar Peninsula on Galveston Bay.

1. Explain why the  fort was needed. Who else besides Spanish soldiers were they afraid of?
2. Name several ways your house is protected today. Why is that necessary?
3. Choose a partner and engage in a debate on whether Long should have been in Texas.

                                                      Activity 3

Jane Long met and had dinner with Jean Lafitte while she was on Bolivar.

1. Find more information about Jean Lafitte. Why is his name French?
       Where was he from?
2. Often referred to as a priate, Lafitte was really privateer. Explain the difference.
3. What surprised Jane when she had dinner aboard Lafitte's ship?
       Write a letter from Jane to her sister in Mississippi describing the shipboard dinner.

                                                      Activity 4

James Long left Bolivar and asked his wife to wait for him to return, but he was killed before he could come
back. During the cold winter, Jane had only her slave Kian and five-year-old daughter Ann with her when
her baby was born.

1. Write a play about Long's capture and what happened to him in Mexico City. Get friends to help you
       act out the events.
2. Jane Long called herself "The Mother of Texas." Make a picture book to tell the story of the winter
       she survived on Bolivar -- what they ate, how they scared away the Karankawa Indians, what
       happened when ships came by and tried to get her to leave.
3. Write a poem from the viewpoint of Kian.

                                                     Activity 5

Stephen Austin gave Jane Long land in Fort Bend County.

1. Jane had to do specific things in order to confirm her ownership of the land.
       Make an illustrated booklet to show settlers what they must do to claim their land.
2. Find information about the town that is now on part of jane Long's grant.
       Make a color brochure about what the town is like today.

                                                     Activity 6

Jane and her servant Kian ran boarding houses in Brazoria and Richmond. Boarding houses provided a
place to eat and sleep.

Make a four-page menu for the boarding house, illustrating with kinds of meat, vegetables and pies
that were served. On the back write endorsements from famous Texas who ate there.