Creative Activities

                                                          Activity 1

When he was a boy, Sam ran away to live with the Cherokee Indians. The Cherokee chief gave him
the name Co-lon-neh. It means Raven.

 1. Find information about ravens. Draw a picture of a raven and tell 3 facts about this bird.
 2. What bird would you choose to be?  Why?

Activity 2

In the early 1820s a Cherokee named Sequoyah had invented a way to write the Cherokee
 1, Write a summary of Sequoyah's life.
 2. Find a picture of Sequoyah's syllabary. Explain how it is different from an alphabet.
 3. Write your name using Sequoyah's syllabary.

Activity 3

Sam’s favorite book was an exciting story told in ancient Greece. It is called the Iliad.

 1. Read the story about the Trojan Horse. Draw pictures illustrating that story.
 2.  Make an illustrated book report of your favorite book.
          Tell whether the book is fiction or nonfiction.
          For nonfiction, tell some important facts you learned.
          For fiction, describe the main character's problem and how it got solved.
          Explain why others would enjoy reading this book.
  3, Make a bookmark to advertise your favorite book.
          Use a thesaurus to find other words to use besides "
interesting"  or" exciting."      

                                                           Activity 4

Sam Houston wore vests. His favorite was made of leopard skin. He told people he liked it because
a leopard could not change its spots.

 1. Houston always did what he believed was right, even though others might not agree with him.
        Why do you think he said that about the leopard? What was he really talking about?
 2. Leopards are endangered animals. Find the names of other endangered animals that live
        in your state.
 3. Make a vest out of an old pillowcase and decorate it.
 4. Houston thought it was a bad idea for the southern states to secede from the United States.
     He predicted that those leaving would suffer.
         Write the definition of the word "
         What war resulted when the southern states seceded?
         Explain ways that Houston's prediction came true.
 5. Prepare and give a speech to persuade others to do something you believe in.

Activity 5

Houston's wife Margaret wrote poems to describe times she was happy and times she was sad.
One thing that made her sad was that Sam went to Washington for long periods of time.  

 1. Write a letter to your friend telling what you are doing now.
 2. Write a short poem describing a place you really like. Make it funny or sad.
         Remember that not all poems rhyme. Try writing haiku.
 3. Make your own illustrated comic book about something funny that happened.

 Activity 6

Sam Houston is called “The Hero of San Jacinto.” He became famous during this battle that freed
Texas from Mexico. Because he was famous, people elected him to other jobs.

 1. Describe the three jobs he did for Texas after the Battle of San Jacinto..  
 2. Why does Texas not have a president now?
 3. Who is the current governor of your state?
 4. Who are the two senators from your state?           .                                       

Activity 7

Sam Houston had his picture painted many times.         

1. Make a “photo album” of Sam’s life.
       Staple together several folded sheets of black construction paper.
       On white paper, draw pictures showing important events in Sam’s life:
            Living with Cherokee Indians
            Reading books
            On a horse at San Jacinto
            Being president of Texas
            Marrying Margaret Lea
            Family picture with wife and eight children
            Riding off to Washington
            Living in the steamboat house
       Cut out the pictures and paste them on the black pages. Label each picture.
2. Make an album of your life.
    Staple together several folded sheets of white paper.
          On the pages, draw pictures or glue copies of photos of yourself at different ages.
          Include stories of things that you have done or things that have happened to you.
     Label and date the pictures, identifying everyone in the picture.
Activity 8

A huge statue of Sam Houston stands beside Highway 45 in Huntsville, Texas, where he is buried.

1. Draw a statue of yourself.
2. On the base of the statue, write the things you want to be remembered for.