Did I mention I like to travel? We live in Houston, but our son, his
wife, and their two girls from China live in Honolulu, Hawaii. Our
daughter lives in Boston, Massachusetts. What’s not to love about both
those places?

I've been to China, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, The Philippines,
Mexico, Jamaica, Trinidad, Peru, Brazil, Chile, England, Scotland,
Ireland, Germany, Egypt, and Greece. Part of this has been because
my engineer husband teaches courses all over the world – things too
complicated for me to understand.
But I go with him. While he is busy, I
get to explore new places.

I talk to students at International

.I use my laptop to write books
everybody can understand!
Sumatra, Indonesia, 2012
Talking with students about writing biographies
Iguazu Falls, Brazil
Java, Indonesia
Two books from my travels
Sharing with girls at St. Andrews Priory in Honolulu my version
of a folktale I found in Taiwan that I called  
NoYear of the Cat.