Words are powerful.  

Words can make you laugh or cry. They can carry you to
faraway places, even fantasy worlds, while you sit still as a

Words bring pleasure.

I do not remember learning to read. As a young person I
kept my nose in a book. Today, I am seldom without one in
my hand.

Words are useful.

Words convey information. They teach me what I need to
know about the subjects of my books.  I, in turn, use them to
write so that others can know and enjoy.

Welcome to my world of words.
Sleeping Bear Press, 2013
In the misty time of long ago, Cat was friend
of Rat,but something happened during the
Great Race to cross the river. This ancient
Chinese folktale explains the choice of animals
for the Chinese cycle of years
"Wade manages to create an engaging
narrative, one that feels traditional yet offers
unique details...Wong's water color illustrations
offer lovely vistas and appealing portraits."
            -- Kirkus Reviews, Nov. 15, 2012.
Photo by Sonya Sones